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High temperature AM2305 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

High temperature AM2305 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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High temperature digital temperature and humidity sensor AM2305

1) Relative humidity and temperature measurement All calibration, digital output
2) excellent long-term stability
3) no additional parts
4) long signal transmission distance
5) ultra-low power
6) .4 pin installation
7) completely interchangeable

AM2305 Product Overview:
AM2305 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a temperature and humidity combined sensor been calibrated digital signal output. Application-specific digital module acquisition technology and the temperature and humidity sensing technology, to ensure that products with high reliability and excellent long-term stability.
The sensor includes a capacitive sensor wet components and a DS18B20 temperature measurement devices, and connected with a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller. The product has excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability, cost and other advantages.
Each AM2305 sensors are extremely accurate humidity calibration chamber for calibration. Calibration coefficients stored in the form of a program in OTP memory, internal sensor detection signal processing to call these calibration coefficients. The single wire serial interface, the system integration becomes simpler and quicker. Ultra-small size, low power consumption, signal transmission distance up to 20 meters or more, making it the best choice of even the most demanding applications in a variety of applications then, the product leads to three core shielded cable.

Application areas:
2) test and inspection equipment
3) Car
4) the data logger
5) Consumer Goods
6) Automatic control
7) Weather Stations
8) appliances
9) humidistat
10) Medical


Power supply pins:

AM2305 supply voltage of 3.3-6V. Sensor power, to wait for the 1s to beyond the unstable state, during this period do not need to send any commands. Can increase a 100nF capacitor between the power supply pin (VDD, GND) for decoupling filtering.

Single bus interface:

Single-bus data communication and synchronization between the microprocessor and the AM2305, a communication time 5ms around specific format described below, the current data transfer for 40bit high first-out.

Data format: 40bit data = data 16bit 16bit humidity temperature data 8bit checksum

Examples: receiving 40bit data are as follows:

0,000,001,010,001,100 0000 0001 0101 1111 1110 1110

Humidity data temperature data checksum

Checksum = 8 (high humidity low humidity 8 8 8 high temperature low temperature 8) the sum of the end of example: checksum = 0,000,001,010,001,100 0000 0001 0101 1111 1110 1110

This example humidity = 65.2% RH, humidity value calculation: humidity data from the binary 0,000,001,010,001,100 converted to decimal to get 652, humidity = 652/10 = 65.2% RH. The method of calculation of the temperature values and humidity values of the same, so in this case temperature = 35.1c

When the temperature is below 0c, the highest position of the temperature data.

For example: -10.1c said 1,000,000,001,100,101

User host (MCU) sends a start signal, AM2305 converted from the low-power mode to high-speed mode, the end of the wait for the host to start signal, AM2305 send a response signal to send 40bit data, and trigger a signal acquisition.

(Note: The host reads from AM2305 Temperature and humidity data is always measured before the first value, such as the two measurements for a long interval of time, continuous read twice in order to get real-time temperature and humidity values)

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1PCS AM2305

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